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Welcome to The Circle For Change Initiative's Programs Page.

We aspire to elders, families, youth and the disabled at risk in developing sustainable lifestyles, fostering relationships with the land, themselves, and others. Our charitable/not-for-profit programming falls into established buckets, addressing problems and aims:

Homeless Support Program:
- Addressing and preventing problems faced by those at risk, emphasizing homelessness support for youth, elders, and families.

Poverty Relief and Job Skill Development:
- Relieving poverty through programs that cultivate job skill sets, providing a blueprint for financial stability and sustainable relationships.

Land Protection and Education:
- Protecting the land for future generations by educating elders, families, and at-risk youth on essential skills related to caring for the land.

Family Strengthening:
- Supporting families at risk to strengthen their bonds while connecting deeply to nature, themselves, and each other.

Programs Offered:

One-on-One Mentoring for Adults:
- Personalized sessions employing sacred listening, utilizing science-based techniques, and incorporating educational tools for healing and personal growth.

Mentoring for Children:
- Tailored skill-building and educational opportunities for children, emphasizing nature connections and traditional crafts.

- Explore diverse workshops, from drum and moccasin making to ancestral skills and nature connection, fostering experiential learning.

Group Presentations:
- Shore Charnoe offers insightful presentations on peacemaking, grief resolution, mentorship models, indigenous practices, and the healing benefits of nature connections.

Whether through individual sessions, children's mentoring, workshops, or group presentations, The Circle For Change Initiative is dedicated to fostering positive change, healing, and community building. Contact us to tailor our offerings to your unique needs.

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