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Exciting News from Manitoulin Eco Park!

We are thrilled to share a momentous update with our community: The Circle for Change Initiative has found its home at Manitoulin Eco Park! Nestled in the heart of Northern Ontario, Canada, this serene sanctuary encompasses acres of pristine forest, trails, and traditional sacred land—an ideal setting to establish our thriving community dedicated to Regenerating the Natural Circle of Connection Among All Beings.

Our vision extends beyond the beauty of this land; we aspire to create a space where Elders can reside, sharing their wisdom as we deepen our relationships with the local Anishinabek people. The journey to this new home has already received tremendous support, with generous contributions totaling nearly C$325,000!

Your financial assistance, regardless of the amount, is deeply appreciated. For contributions over C$1000, please reach out to to discuss arrangements with minimal processing fees.

For those seeking US tax deductions, we've partnered with a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, enabling the processing of donations of US$10k or higher, with the added option of stock transfers. Contact to explore this pathway.



Artwork Donation: Support us by donating artwork for an online auction, where profits contribute to our cause.
Financial Donations: Share our campaign with your network, or consider offering a loan, becoming a shareholder, private member, or prepaying for a program.
Social Media Engagement: Interact with our Facebook Page and Instagram, boosting visibility with comments and shares.
Prayers: Offer your thoughts for a successful and harmonious funding and purchase process.

With your contributions & support, we'll transform Manitoulin Eco Park into a base for our programs, including:
- Wisdom Preservation Project: Recording and preserving Elders' stories and teachings for future generations.
- Anishinabemowin Language Regeneration Project: Supporting the learning and remembering of this endangered language.
- Natural Health Education & Counselling: Rooted in natural psychology, deep nature connection, and peacemaking.
- Teaching and Mentoring Programs: Covering indigenous knowledge, survival skills, nature connection, and more.
- Rites of Passage Programs: Essential experiences for each stage of human life.
- Circle Programs: Connecting Circles, Consultation Circles, and Ceremonial Circles.
- At-Risk Youth Program: Long- or short-term mentoring grounded in deep nature connection and peacemaking.
- Autism Programs: Optimizing health, learning, and living for autistic spectrum individuals.
- Apprenticeship Program: Fostering growth through hands-on learning.

Join us in this transformative journey at Manitoulin Eco Park, contributing to the realization of our vision for a connected and regenerative community.

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