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Good Relations Essentials

 March, 2024



The Circle For Change Initiative and Manitoulin Eco Park are pleased to announce our ‘Good Relations Essentials’ Training for 2024.

These trainings are for anyone who desires a deeper connection to themselves, others, and all our relations. You are invited to this training because of your relationship to the Park and/or personal relationship with someone close to the Park.

We consider the trainings ‘Essential’ for everyone and well worth the time and effort to attend. Participation is especially important if you wish to work, volunteer, run a program, project, or supervise folks at the Park.

This will be a six week (Sundays) virtual program starting Sunday March10 at 1pm EST. We will cover three main topics:
* Nature Connection
* Peacemaking
* Three Circles as outlined by the Four Worlds International Institute.

We will begin with an Origins Story and conclude with Community Helper Agreements and Summation.

A training Handbook containing each week’s section will be sent out prior to each session. We ask that everyone read the Handbook before each session. This will make our conversations that much richer.


If you are interested and would like to register, fill the form below for more information and to reserve your spot.



Who should attend?
Anyone is invited to join. Specifically if you are interested in being part of the helpers community, plan to do work-trade with the park, would like to volunteer in any of the programs, then this is a prerequisite.

What is the cost?
There is no fixed fee. Donations are welcome by e-transfer to 


Please send an email to the above address if you require alternate modes of donation transfer.

When and where do we meet?
We will meet on Sundays from 1pm -3pm EST. We will begin on March 10. Once you register you will receive the Zoom details to join on Sundays.

What is covered?
Our first session will be the Park’s Board of Directors sharing with us their vision of the Park and the course overview. Shore’s ‘Origin Story’ recording for the Park and Community will be sent out beforehand. We would ask that you bring your intentions for the training to share as well.

Each week there will be a keynote, with the majority of the 2 hours spent in breakout rooms of 3-4 people. We will all return to the main group for sharing. The keynote, story, and ending harvest will be recorded for later review. We strongly encourage folks to do the reading, think and talk about the topic before each session. These teachings are full of life lessons that sink in over time and with repeated exposure and practice.

How should I prepare for this training?
Once you register you will receive three documents for you to read and consider before attending the training:
* Commitments and Agreements
* Welcome Packet with Daily Practices
* Projected Course Schedule

How do I register?
By filling the form below.

If you have other questions not listed here, feel free to reach out to

If you are interested in volunteering as a facilitator support or technical support, please click here (opens a pop-up window) and then return here to fill the below for indicating your willingness by selecting "volunteer", when asked how you'd like to participate.

Good Relations Essentials | 2024

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